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MTB – Tour Lake Carezza

Characteristics: The first 200 meters after the "Gasthof Lärchenwald" (Gummer) are very steep but then you follow a slightly up and down forest road to the Nigra Pass. The asphalted road has little traffic and leads you directly to the Catinaccio in the direction of Carezza Pass and then downhill to the magnificent Lake Carezza. After the guesthouse "Erna", the "Samerweg", it is quite steep. The single trail which follows is also very steep and demanding, until you come to the "Zipperlehof". From there, you will enjoy an extraordinary panoramic view at the foot of the Catinaccio. The clear and magnificent Lake Carezza makes this tour an unforgettable experience.

Length: 38.4 km
Altitude: 1,140 m
Approximate driving time: 4 hours

Route description: The tour starts Obergummer at the parking lot of "Gasthaus Lärchenwald". Follow marking 1 at the left hand side of the restaurant until you come to the Nigra Pass. Turn right at the Nigra hut and follow the tarmac road in the direction of the Carezza Pass (Pass Costalunga). Turn right in the direction of Lake Carezza. Once you arrive there, take the tarmac road a further 200 meters, then turn left in the direction of the "Stadlalm" - marking 8. Turn right in the direction of the "Stadlalm" and again left when you reach the next turn (marking 25). Turn left in the direction of Nova Levante, using marking 27. Now you are on a heavy downhill drive. Please drive slowly and watch out for hikers! Turn right, then uphill on the tarmac road in the direction of Nova Levante. Then turn left in the direction of "Gummer". After you have passed the guesthouse "Erna", you need to turn right, uphill in the direction of Obergummer "Samerweg", marking 2 A. Then turn left, marking 2 A, on a single trail with short sliding barriers. You will see a sign "Zipperle". Follow marking 2 A. Cross the bridge on your right and drive up the steep hill. After the "Zipperlehof", you must drive on the tarmac road to the restaurant

The Hotel will be closed from the 04th of October until the 18th of December. For further information or reservations please contact us by email!

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